about the author

Karen Thornell grew up reading when she should have been sleeping, but it wasn't until 2019 that she started writing. Tired of ending books and saying 'goodbye' to beloved characters, she wondered what it would be like to have her own characters that lived in her head always. It was probably a mark of sleep deprivation that she wanted people living in her head, but the idea was planted regardless. 


Karen lives in Utah with her husband and kids. When not writing contemporary or regency romance, she spends her free time doing endless loads of laundry, playing board games, and, yes, talking to those characters in her head.

recent releases

Christmas in Love

They'll need all the Christmas magic they can get to fix their past.

To Marry an Earl

A story of love and trust. And the dangerous threats that could ruin everything.

Pursuing Miss Hall

A house party for Miss Hall to find a husband. And her window-climbing best friend who's already in love with her.



"I enjoyed it from first page to last and as soon as I finished, I immediately picked it back up to re-read my favorite parts. So much humor, fun, and swoony romance packed into this novella that gave me all the feels!"

-Marilee, Goodreads review

Pursuing Miss Hall

"I am completely obsessed with this book!!! Absolutely entertaining, witty, and SO ROMANTIC!!!
Loved this story and it's characters fully with my whole heart!!!"

-Saidy, Amazon review

Pursuing Miss Hall

"Karen Thornell has succeeded in writing an engaging and entertaining story. There was even a bit of suspense mixed into the storyline to keep its reader guessing on what would happen and who the villain of this story would be. I was constantly on the edge of my seat anxious to see what would happen next."

-Anna, Goodreads review

To Marry an Earl

"I LOVED this one! I thought the author did a fabulous job with her characters. It was almost as if I knew them. And the plot is really great too. It’s one of those books you could probably read in an afternoon. And you’d have spent your afternoon in a great way."

-My Book a Day, Amazon review

Christmas in Love 

"Feel good holiday romance. It drew me in and kept me reading from start to finish!"

-Shanda A

Christmas in Love

"Hallmark worthy romance full of swoon worthy moments and relatable humor"

-Tori B

Christmas in Love


Wanna chat? Feel free to email me at karen@karenthornell.com